Executive Coaching, Career Transition & Onboarding Services for Executives and Employers.


The Transition Partners Group, Inc. (TPG) was formed in 2006 by the founding Partners who during the course of their own careers had been through both traditional Outplacement and Executive Coaching.  Their dissatisfaction with a lack of comprehensive programs, process and results were what prompted them to create a Transition Coaching Firm.

We knew that there must be a “better way” to guide executives through transition into a new company, role and/or industry.

Working with multiple ‘networking groups”, interviewing and counseling hundreds of executives who were frustrated with their coaching and transition process, we found that an astounding number of these executives had “dropped out” of traditional coaching programs. They “dropped out” because either the programs were not flexible enough to meet their individual needs, the coaches assigned couldn’t relate to their operational status or the coaches could not devote the time and attention they required.

As a result, the Partners created the “TPG Process”.  The TPG Process is a customized blend of assessments and education, designed specifically for that individual, administered by executives who have similar operational leadership experiences.

In 2008, TPG expanded their services to include both Executive Coaching and Mentoring Programs.

Since 2006 TPG Partners have assisted both Fortune 500 and smaller organizations with the creation, implementation and monitoring of Transition, Executive Coaching and Mentoring programs designed to increase employee commitment, development and career longevity.

While the TPG Programs are focused on Senior Executives and those employees who are “high maintenance”, TPG programs are flexible to be successful with all employees regardless of rank.


TPG Partners have been CEO’s, COO’s, VP’s and Directors with experience spanning Fortune 100 corporations, mid-size organizations as well as entrepreneurial businesses.

Every TPG Partner is a leader with extensive experience in multiple industries including; healthcare pharmaceutical and OTC, consumer products, publishing, insurance, travel & hospitality, information services, transportation, professional services, retail and others.

We have held positions in every discipline including Finance, HR, Manufacturing, Sales, and General Management. We have been challenged with the same business issues and made the difficult decisions. All of the Partners “have been there and done that” so we know what it is like to be in transition.

Our passion is coaching executives through the most difficult internal and external transitions and we also create a relationship that lasts beyond the initial assignment

With more than 20 Partners across the country TPG has national reach

Ed McBride

Ed McBride is the Founding Partner of Transition Partners Group.

Prior to creating TPG, Ed held a number of executive positions in Fortune 500 firms including Johnson & Johnson, Richardson-Vicks, Henkel KGaA, IMS Health, McGraw-Hill, Standard & Poor’s, Reed Elsevier and brandwise.com. His experience spans multiple disciplines including M&A, Marketing, Business Development, Finance, Manufacturing and Operations. Ed is also the co-founder of Change Management Associates, Inc., a retained search firm. 

Ed is a Certified Master Transition Coach and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in History and Education from West Chester University and attended West Chester University’s graduate school where he studied political science.


Terry Mulligan 

Terry Mulligan is the Managing Partner of Transition Partners Group.

Terry’s unique background is built on over 25 years of practical operational experience in multiple leadership roles including as COO of a mid-size business ($500M with more than 600 employees), in senior positions in a Fortune 100 company and roles in entrepreneurial companies. Terry has uniquely navigated vastly different cultural settings, business models, leadership styles, and business dynamics in his seasoned and successful career.

Throughout his extensive career across large, small, and mid-size businesses, Terry became a sought out resource in the area of organizational and career development. He was chosen repeatedly to tackle challenging organizational “fix it” situations across diverse cultures, was involved in numerous large scale re-organizations and location closures.

He led Career Development and Mentoring for the Finance function of Kraft where he developed  creative coaching techniques and innovative tools to dig deep into the individual employee’s situation to determine the best approach forward. Terry’s passion and ability to connect with all levels of leadership, quickly pinpointing differences in styles, personalities and career stages, result in compelling ways to tackle development opportunities.

Terry is a Certified Master Coach and earned an MBA from St. Joseph’s University and is also a graduate from the Center for Creative Leadership program.

Lynn Danzker

Lynn joined the Transition Partners Group in January of 2017 as a Senior Transition Partner. At TPG Transition and Executive Coaching is a natural extension of her extensive executive recruiting and marketing experience.

Lynn brings to TPG a unique ability to quickly gain trust and respect with her clients while bringing her passion for coaching individuals through difficult career situations.

Earlier Lynn had a 13year career in marketing and product development in the Consumer Products industry, highlighted by six years in a senior marketing role for a large consumer products division of a leading Japanese manufacturer.

Lynn went on to successfully launch a CPG practice for one of the New Jersey offices of Management Recruiters International, the largest national Executive Search Firm in the United States.

Three and half years later, Lynn decided to launch her own executive search firm and founded The Hunter Group, LLC in October, 1999 enabling her to provide executive recruiting and human resources consulting services to both the Consumer Packaged Goods and the HealthCare industries utilizing state-of-the-art technology.

Lynn has a passion for staying abreast of industry trends while developing and maintaining extensive relationships with industry leaders.

Lynn holds a Bachelor of Science degree, with honors, from Cornell University in Marketing and Economics. Over the years Lynn has continued her education enrolling in the Continuing Education program at New York University where she will earn a Masters Certificate in Strategic Marketing and Management.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is TPG a web based service?
No. We use this web site to inform potential executives and companies about the services we provide and support available in individualized counseling for our clients. Every client is matched with one of our Partners for the duration of their program.
Do you work with employees of all levels?
Yes. While our focus is at Executive levels due to the time and commitment, we do have programs available for all levels of management.
How does a potential client access TPG’s services?
The easiest way is to go to our Contact page either call us or send an e-mail message.  A TPG Partner will respond as soon as possible.
How does TPG handle the security of my inquiry? Will my conversations be kept confidential?
Your confidentiality is our utmost concern. All of our past and future clients are guaranteed the utmost security in all of our communications and interactions.
Do you have offices available?
Absolutely.  We have found that most times executives prefer a venue, and at a nearby location that we will be happy to accommodate. It is another way that makes our our unique approach more personalized.
How far is your coverage geographically?
We are available throughout the United States.
How long are your programs?
While our typical executive programs run between 6 and 18 months, we will customize to fit the needs of the individual and company.
Is there a premium charged for your customized programs?
No there is not. Our fees are comparable to alternative transition services and executive coaching firms.

“I had the pleasure and benefit of Lynn being my career transition coach as I worked through my next career move after spending close to 20 years in global marketing at the same company.

Lynn’s approach was very structured and thought provoking, challenging me to really question what I liked and didn’t like about my previous career and what I wanted out of “Part II”. She coached me in the basics of updating my resume, preparing for interviews and most importantly, always connected with me right after I had an interview or interaction with a potential employer. These conversations really helped me to identify and solidify what I wanted to do next. Which wasn’t what I had been doing previously at all!

I would highly recommend Lynn as a transition career coach for anyone looking to really connect with yourself and identify your next path forward.”

Elisa Udaskin,  Author of Be a Mensch; Unleash Your Power to Be Kind and Help Others , Former Senior Director Global Brand Strategy and Innovation, Mondelez International

“I was referred to Lynn by a colleague of mine. We both had long tenure and VP level roles at our previous employers. At first I was unsure, but once I met Lynn and better understood her career transition coaching process I knew I was in good hands. She was brilliant on coaching me as we developed a fresh resume and LinkedIn profile. She recognized that I needed to take some time to rediscover what I was passionate about. She was an excellent motivator that kept me focused when I decided to play golf instead of make calls. When it was time to put my resume out there, she was invaluable as a sounding board as I evaluated job opportunities that ultimately were not a fit for me and provided me positive support to say no. I found the job that was right for me using my experience in a new way I had never imagined. Lynn validated that it was a fit and we were both thrilled that our journey together was successful. I would recommend Lynn to anyone that needs and wants a better understanding of what you want to do next and provides the the playbook for getting there.”

Kristen Parr, General Manager, CrescoLabs, Former Vice President, Operations Strategy, Alkermes

I have had the absolute pleasure to work with Lynn when I was transitioning out of a company that I had worked in for 19 years. I had not interviewed outside of my own organization for almost 2 decades and I needed help in re-vamping my resume as well as getting up to speed on proper networking and job search techniques. Lynn was extremely responsive during the entire time that I worked with her, she appropriately asked clarifying questions during our time together as well as provided me a “sounding board” of advice and perspective when recruitment and networking challenges arose. She was a fantastic resource and provided me the necessary professional support at a time when, after 19 years of being at one company and going out to “the big, bad world” to find my next professional “adventure” was made a lot easier by Lynn’s help. Not only did I find a great job within 3 months time of starting my search; I also found a lifelong friend in Lynn!

Pharmaceutical Marketing Executive

I’ve used TPG on a few rather difficult outplacement situations. Actually, I gave the executive the choice between using our preferred vendor or going with TPG… and in each case the executive chose TPG, which turned out incredibly well for us… and for the former employee

Sr. Human Resource Leader of Client Company

“Being a senior executive, I felt that I already knew enough to get going with my own transition. I chose TPG because I knew the Partner assigned to my transition would have similar operational experience to mine and would act as a good sounding board for my search. However, the advice and coaching I got in their program went well beyond my expectations. It has been outstanding. The in-depth program that they developed for me, (that I didn’t even know I needed), has helped me incredibly in so many facets of the process. The self assessments they accomplished have made me so much better in my interviewing and networking. My message is now crisp; my future direction is now clear, and TPG gave me a well defined path to follow confidently.”

Senior C-Suite Executive in Transition

“Working with Lynn and Transition Partners Group has been really valuable. Her questioning technique and guidance on personal interests and ambitions helped me create a more impactful resume. The process helped me hone in on my true areas of strength and interest, which further defined as well as streamlined my search efforts. Lynn’s guidance through networking fundamentals has also made each contact I make more purposeful and actionable. Not to mention the incredible support and friendship she brings to the relationship! For anyone struggling for direction in a job search, I highly recommend Lynn Danzker at Transition Partners Group.”

Brand Marketing and Strategic Planning Leader

“I had the pleasure of recently benefiting from Lynn’s transition coaching skills and grew as a person through the process. I just wish I’d had her earlier in my career. She was patient with me, applied “tough love” when I needed it, and pushed me, gently, out of my comfort zone on more than one occasion – all with great results. With her advice and guidance, I found a new position that delivers on all I’d hoped for. I will be able to leverage my many years of marketing experience, but I am working in a different industry where I am gaining new, related skills. I’m excited to grow professionally. Thank you, Lynn!”

Marketing Leader - Client | Agency | Vendor